New Way of Vision

"To help Afghanistan communication system to be world class and train people with new technology so they can bring prosperity to their families and to Afghanistan."

#1 Platform For Single Sim Recharge

ERSAL is fastest growing Single Sim multi recharge service provider company in Afghanistan who launched this awesome solution for first time in Afghanistan.

A real Time-Saver

Now there is no dependency for any paper voucher to recharge. Register today with ersale and start using our single wallet multi top up services.

Showcase of Our Projects

We are launching unbelivable services in afghanistan with a most stable recharge platform to save beautiful nature.

A Brief Introduction

Jobs link Afghanistan (JLA) trading as ERSAL is a recently established private, organization that is decided to introduce a world class technology to replace existing paper/plastic top up cards.
The objective of this project is the installation and implementation of a cordless/paperless phones recharge system that would work for all telecom companies in Afghanistan.

This system is called “One SIM all recharge” and it is a pre-paid system that is being used all around the world due to its simplicity, low operational cost, reliability and environmentally amicable use, among other reasons.

The system supports Etop Up without any paper voucher,bill payments and money transfer etc to which will be our second and third steps.

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At Ersale we are representing a most innovative business concept which is brillinantly fast, secured and highly user friendly.
There is no technical expertise required to use this single sim single wallet concept as it's already automated with a strong logical back end application known as E-Recharge Suite.


Ersale offers unique solution to hide your mobile number identity with Ersale Private Number Solution. Register your private number today for secure top up with ersale recharge platform. With private number there is no need to share your personal mobile number with any body.


We offer fully private label recharge solution to start own recharge platform with a soul of ersale software platform. In Afghanistan, Ersale is first company who providing white label platform to start own enterprise. Mobile recharge, Post Paid Bills, Electricity bills. So don't miss the opportunity. Grab it today.

Our Business Alliance

  • Mobile Recharge
  • Electricity Bills
  • Utility Services

Benefits Or Outcomes

Business Outcomes

Accessing a greater customer base
Broadening market reach
Lowering of entry barrier to new markets and cost of acquiring new customers Alternative communication channel to customers
Increasing services to customers
Enhancing perceived company image
Gaining competitive advantages
Potential for increasing customer knowledge
Easy and accurate - It takes only a few seconds to finalize the recharge operation.

Sale's Commission Payment

This software allows telecom companies to pay commission percentages right after each recharge operation. Amounts corresponding to these percentages can be automatically credited to a bank account. This system makes possible an accurate and effective tracking and registration of each one and all recharge operations for each one of the telecom companies operating in the region.

Card less, paperless and economic

No need to import, to pack, transport and distribute paper/plastic phone cards. One simple phone message is needed for recharge and an automatic message coming to the users’ phone will confirm the recharge operation indicating the total amount credited in the phone. Printed cards and distributions costs are avoided saving a significant amount of money to telecom companies.

Recharge from any place in Afghanistan

Recharge from any place in Afghanistan to wherever the phone user is located at - A person in Kabul can recharge the phone of a person that is in Qala-e-Naw and vice-verse. Credit top-up can be done from any place to any place in Afghanistan for whoever you want.
International roaming recharge also accommodated in this system - It means international visitors and Afghans travelling abroad can recharge their roaming mobiles without any problem.

Future Expansions

In a short span of its existence and in the circumstances, ERSAL has made its presence felt in the towns where it is functioning. Afghanistan has shown keen interest to expand the E-services to the entire locations. And ERSAL is ready to shot his services to all and we are all set in market and kindly accept our keen proposal to be a part of your esteem organization.
We promise that we will never let you down and certainly we will be an asset to your esteem organization.

Function of One Sim All Recharge
The software for this system has been developed by hi-tech Indian software’s development company and it is being used by hundreds of millions of mobile phones’ subscribers all around India and in other countries around the world.

Operator Services

We are assocated with all major players of telecom in Afghanistan

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