Keep Your Privacy Alive

Ersale offers unique solution to hide your mobile number identity with Ersale Private Number Solution. Register your private number today for secure top up with ersale recharge platform. With private number there is no need to share your personal mobile number with any body.

Private Number FAQ

How to Get Your Private Identity

Private number facilty by ersale is very simple to get. Now just dial *355# from your Roshan Mobile number, A dialong box will open to choose Ersale services. Choose Private Number and you can easily get your 9 digit private number.

How to Recharge With Private Number

Using private number It's simple to recharge from any ersale outlet or from ersale smart phone application. As we promise to provide any operator service transaction from your single Wallet account with ersale, Our application silently work in background to provide you pleasent experience of everything.

Cardless, Paperless and Economic

No need to import, to pack, transport and distribute phone cards. One simple phone message is needed for recharge and an automatic message coming to the users’ phone will confirm the recharge operation indicating the total amount credited in the phone. Printed cards and distributions costs are avoided saving a significant amount of money to telecom companies.

Recharge from any place

Recharge from any place in Afghanistan to wherever the phone user is located at. – A person in Kabul can recharge the phone of a person that is in Qala-e-Naw and vice-verse. Credit top-up can be done from any place to any place in Afghanistan for whoever you want.

Ersale Private Number Benefits

We are very careful about privacy of Afghan people and most importantly females in Afghanistan.

Some times we don't want to share our personal mobile number at any recharge point and with Ersale private number there is no need to share your personal mobile number with any recharge outlet. Just give them your private number for recharging and enjoy your talk time benefits without any privacy hazards.

Use our USSD service for register your number today. It's simple fast and secure. Just Dial *355#, Choose Register Option and you will receive your Ersale Private Number easily.
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